Wednesday, March 2, 2011

the countdown

I was wondering when you do a countdown, to a specific date how do YOU do it?

because upon thinking of a 'countdown' my mind automatically thinks counting backwards, 10. 9. 8. etc
for some reason I got to thinking, {and that in itself is rather frightening!} ;) maybe it's suppose to be the other way? like the calendar? today is day 2 or is it day 10?

Yesterday for myself, I spent an hour and a bit excercising with the new wii just dance 2!
it wasn't hard core, but I kept my heartrate up, sweated to the point of needing a shower before picking the kids up from school, started to feel my endorphins kicking in and man it felt GREAT!

so far today - I went to the dr. to get some test results. Survey says: there's nothing wrong that a bit more fiber and excercise won't fix! ;) yay!!
while I was waiting for the dr. I could overhear other staff talking about smoothies, and I've never really been a 'smoothy' kinda gal... but I thought, m'eh, why not give it a try. If I hate it, live and learn! ;) so on my way home, I picked up some yogurt, strawberries and a few other necessities of the house. Now to find the blender and give it a shot.

I've been working on some crocheting for my friend Donna - I'm hoping to finish the little freak for her today :) maybe I'll even take pics?

i have a headache - i freakin' HATE headaches! they suck the life out of me.

tonight on the menu: chicken pot pie Hoover style - it's not what you might think ;) it's actually a stew with homemade noodles.


Donna said...

I hope by 'little freak' you are referring to nosferatu and not me :)
I can't wait to see how he comes out!
And I am uber psyched about our next crochet lesson, I think you will be pleased with my super duper chain making skills :) I practice nearly every day hee hee

Chelle said...

Add some protein powder to your smoothie and it will help with the weight lose.

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