Wednesday, March 9, 2011

just another day

Nothing really up today... it's been rainy and sorta dreary, spurts of snow, and mini ice pellets, just crappy!
I had to get my license and health card renewed so I went and took care of that today. Picked up a few groceries on my way home - I have {ANOTHER} headache :( I know why, but there really isn't anything more that I can do to aid it. While I was at the grocery store this old fart was YELLING at the lady he was with - at first I assumed it was his wife {and it likely was} but for her sake I hope it wasn't. He was mad b/c he couldn't find her in the store - what a jerk! they looked to be in their 70's? why do people think they have the right to do that to somebody else? regardless of age or gender? to be humiliated like that is just horrible! :(
My hubby has been seriously busting a move on the house - I'm VERY happy to talk about and configure what we're going to do to the spaces that we're fixing up! Right now the plan is to move our laundry appliances into the furnace room, so we can fix up the {current} laundry room to be a second bathroom!!!! :D yay!!! how exciting would it be to not have to be rushed off the crapper!

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