Friday, March 4, 2011

TGIF! {bird pic - warning!} ;)

if you know me well at all, you should know that I *LIVE* for Fridays!!
I have NO idea why {so don't ask}
I think it seems like a day for fun, and frivolity!! <--WOAH!
where did THAT word come from!?! O.o
I haven't mentioned a certain feathery friend in a while...
{WARNING: bird lovers and haters - picture of my african grey "Pearl"}
she has been making me so frustrated. I love her to feathers and dust! but she will NOT and I mean *WILL NOT!* let her feathers grow! She has a clean bill of health - but I think she must secretly be reading my mind and as a typical youngster, deliberately disobeying me! We have been learning more and more about each other, I have been able to read her signs MUCH better when she wants attention but without being touched, and vice versa. Before she'd just chomp me! and can you SEE THAT HOOK? *yeeeouch!*
April 17th, Pearl will be turning 4 this year!!

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Lynn's Place said...

She's pretty..maybe I think so cause I am bird who wouldn't be...tfs

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