Sunday, May 29, 2011

grocery shopping

I have a brag! ;)
I've been watching extreme couponing - and as a Canadian household, trust me we are envious of our American neighbours {well in the shopping department anyway}
I have been trying to conquer the idea/concept of saving money when and where I can. As a single income family {by choice} the more in our pocket the better! ;)
so I started watching for and collecting coupons - I also have been keeping an eye on which store has a better deal on products that we use. Instead of driving from one store to another to save 5-10 cents per pound on something, I started to bring the flyers with me and asking for them to price match. Only problem with this is we don't always get our flyers.
Today I looked up which store had the most deals on the things we needed the most of, and headed off. I only had 2 coupons one for a $1 off of 1/2 & 1/2 cream, and other said it was for FREE banana's {up to 2lbs or $1.69} so I carefully weighed out EXACTLY 2lbs of banana's and when I wen to the check out- I watched the price and one bunch was $1.62 and the other $1.46 that's $3.08 for banana's - I figured I'd get the $1.69 bunch for the discount -but the punk at the check out only took off the $1.46 bunch...I'm such a wimp at being a bitch {sigh}
Now onto the part of the deals for the day that made me happy...
I bought 10 meals worth of meat! After calculating the cost of each serving I will be feeding our family for $1.08 per serving!!! and I'm not talking hotdogs and spam either! ;)
I was happy :)
we have creepiness in our kitchen, our ceiling fan and light turn on and off by itself. We joke and say it's a ghost - but really it's probably some other randomness
{sigh} well, the kiddo's are beckoning me to their bedside for tuck ins ;)

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