Monday, July 25, 2011

blogging from Cape Breton

Yes, here I am!
Sitting outside our room on my laptop blogging ... I {love} Cape Breton :)
I don't love my children so much right now. They are crazier than bed bugs right now.
I'm enjoying a wonderful cool evening, listening to the AMAZING voice of Séan McCann, and unwinding with a perfect mixture in my glass ;)
Traffic is INSANELY loud but I just don't care :P
We had a fantastic week visiting with my hubs Aunt did a good lot of beach combing... lots of great finds.
I swear we are going to get kicked outta this place - CraZy!
I had to upload my card of 1160 pics (8gb) but only once so far ~ tomorrow we're doing the cabot trail and the next adventure takes us to PEI.
I have a lot of thoughts going through my head - if I was a song writer or something bet ya I'd have something worth remembering... however, as a stay at home mom that can barely keep it together at times ~ not too many people give a rats hiney what i have to say... catch my wave?
I sp'ose since this IS *my* blog I could write whatever i want... but I'll spare you.
did i mention we have been at my dh's aunt's house since sunday past? and did I mention...
SHE DOESN'T HAVE TELEVISION? it was weird to be so cut off from the world - we could have surfed the net I suppose, but she has dino-dial-up and it was S.L.O.W.E.R than anything you could imagine.
did I also mention that I'm sitting here in CAPE BRETON??? ahhh.... so relaxing I LOVE the maritimes! If I could fly any time and anywhere I wanted I'd move somewhere down here in a HEARTBEAT!

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