Wednesday, August 3, 2011

who am i kidding? {pictures}

ok, here we are!
i resized a couple...
here we are on the 3 hour tour...
St. John NB to Digby NS

Thing 2 found a super cool moth

the ferry from afar - in the fog
Orion was the hit of the week! thing 2 absolutely
without a doubt {ADORES} cats ~ it's totally all she wants.
She has even tried to plot the disappearance of Jack to be able to have a cat!
this lovely feline is 14 years old!
This was my favourite out-building of Aunt P's.
this was at sunset
first night of beach walking
3rd day of beach walking
saw a seal & many birds, including this bald eagle
not sure if it's young or old...

This was night 2 of beach combing
dubbed "Lauren's beach"
we VERY literally got STUCK in the mud.
at some points almost leaving our shoes behind
20+ year old swing at aunt P's
got a work out!
you should always look before you smell ;)
went down the Digby neck to Brier Island
saw a lot of lighthouses, these are a couple of them

this was on the Cabot Trail on Cape Breton island
I could be mistaken, however, i do believe this is
Mackenzie mountain...
Moose warning...
{we didn't see any}
This was almost a 360 degree turn on the trail.
This was Miss Anne Marie comin' round the mountain
now we're on PEI and this was our cottage
secluded and tranquil :)
first night cloudy sunset on cavendish beach
truly magnificent!

we returned the next day for sun & fun :)

this bugger flew in the window while we were driving.
I *knew* I wasn't imagining it!
dumb thing.
i thought this looked super cool!

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