Monday, September 5, 2011

i want to be happy, but...

i have a migraine. AGAIN! this is becoming ridiculous. 

it seems like every day it hits me :( 
i feel like Ralphy McMalfee
and i do not like it one bit. 

this evening mr. h and i went on a DATE! 
for REAL.  we joked at first b/c it started out with drive-thru mcCrap for supper on our way to a house concert with none other than Jeremy Fisher! :D 

 I still haven't found my camera's battery charger {BOOOOO!!} and therefore I didn't have a camera for any pics this evening. 

I did pick up another cd that i didn't have and the JFish signed it for me :)

 I should be super duper happy pappy right now due to tomorrow's big day of BACK TO SCHOOL - but I really just want to cut off my own head and grow a new one.
{deep sigh}

i think i still have pants to hem, the lights are starting to hurt so i'm typing this with my eyes closed...
wonder how many erroers it will have? ;)
 -k i just peeked, doing pretty good!

 kay well... night.

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