Saturday, September 3, 2011

I've been reminded...

a week? an ENTIRE WEEK... and I haven't blogged. I've thought about blogging, but then get side tracked - it's VERY EASY to get side tracked these days ;) lol 

 heard of Pinterest?  ...need I say more?  {grin} 

not to mention I have also been working on some crocheting projects - I am still hoping to get my etsy shop up and full of goodies - but until I have at least 10 things to post I'm not going to 'announce' it.

I really am also taking the time to enjoy mr. h and our offspring especially before the big happy dance day.  {Sept. 6} is BACK TO SCHOOL day here... 
{sorry teacher friends, but momma can't send them away at the end of the day!} 

the D-man's bedroom is coming along very well and I do forsee him being all set up in there potentially by the end of this week - if we can get my father in law in here to help out a bit more this week. Just need to sand walls, then I can primer, paint and then the floor can be laid, bunkbeds set up, wardrobe figured out and then smaller details - ceiling fan, shade, curtain, desk...
I'll definitely be taking a trip to Ikea in the VERY near future

 I feel almost weird that I don't have anything more fun & exciting to talk about. Each day has had something going on... did I mention I got to go to GREAT BIG SEA's final concert of the Safe Upon the Shore tour?  it was fun to go with my mom :) 

I'm REALLY looking forward to seeing "Séan McCann and the Committed" at end of the month!!!!

6 years ago today, thing 2 had reached 40 weeks in utero.
and in 3 more days she's going to be starting grade 1!
crazy how time just vanishes like that.

 have a great weekend! :D

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