Saturday, June 21, 2008

because of YOU!

I cannot even express how happy I am! Why? Because of YOU! :D

I just want to say thank you to my *new* friends (and customers) When I first talked to my hubster about joining Stampin UP! he was skeptical. It wasn't really because he was against it but he knows that I put a LOT of effort into it and I've been burned everytime I tried anything in the past. I guess you could say he was "protecting" me ;) aww...

Anyway, I told him this would be my one last try at a home based business and I took my time making my decision. I haven't for a minute regretted it! and it's ALL thanks to you!!

Thanks again everyone for helping me feel so ~loved!~ :)

if you haven't done so yet, and want to pre-order your Fall/Winter Catty ($8)

please contact me

I also wanted to add that by monday I should be on the demonstrator locator - wahoo!!! :D

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Sharron Lynne said...

Hi Jen. Great blog. Love your Unfrogetable frog cards. Gives me some ideas. I've favorited your blog and will watch for the next stamp-a-stack, etc.... Good luck as demo. You've got lots of talent.

Lynne (aka Newbie007)

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