Sunday, June 22, 2008

fun gift idea!

I found a really cool idea on the internet and sadly I cannot for the life of me give the credit to the blogger that invented it - so I want to say thanks but {not sure to who!} ;)
For Christmas last year I made my son's teacher a personalized altered clipboard.
Since they only have 2 days of school left this week, I wanted to give her a little something to say thanks! She really helped to make Dawson feel welcome at his new school. A real "friend".

I'm planning to put a gift card in the pocket that has the 1/2 circle punched out of it. Just haven't decided which place to get the gift card yet! ;)

And of course a box of chocolates!


Karen L said...

Hey, your Stamping Blog is looking REALLY good!! And that teacher's gift is so incredibly cute that I imagine his teacher will want to keep it forever! I'd even hate to unwrap the chocolates!!

Mel M. M. M. said...

Gorgeous projects. LOVE that paper and the little flowers on the chocolates are irresistibly CUTE! (As if chocolate needs to be cute to be irresistible! heehee. I'm thinking I hafta make one of those double pocket cards; it is awesome. :0)

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