Friday, August 15, 2008


I had a fabulous open house attendance! My hubby asked, with a bit of {attitude} "so how many people ARE you expecting", to which my reply with a shrug of shoulders -"maybe 6 if I'm lucky?" LOL -- I had a couple cancel, and a couple weren't sure and a few never RSVP'd so I really wasn't sure how many were planning to come. I was *SO* busy CLEANING, getting 2 cards prepped for make-n-takes, CLEANING, figuring out what sort of snacks to have, I have 2 kids, CLEANING... did I say that already. GREAT! my keyboard just decided -without my permission- to change my question mark into this: É and all my punctuation is doing wonky stuff, and my loyal blog readers KNOW that I *heart* my punctuation, it is just SO ME!!! :::sigh:::

Last night I had 10 guests cram into my diningroom -the livingroom was empty and a LOT cooler, but they insisted! *grin* fun!!

Sadly I was SO busy leading up to everybody arriving, I did not take any pictures. :( My 6 year old son, was my door man. He was so excited for me, it melted my heart. Steve took Ally with him for a bike ride and Dawson chose to stay home to help me. Awwwww... *sweet*

It was a successful evening and I am SO extremely greatful to all of you that were able to come out!


Sherri said...

wow, 10, great turnout!

:::b r a n d i::: said...

Glad you had a successful open house!!

Yellow Dog Greetings said...

We had a great time! Thanks for hosting Jen!

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