Wednesday, September 24, 2008

can you see me?

I've been hiding under a rock!
or it certainly seems like it!
It's been kinda difficult forcing myself to the basement {where my stamp/scrap space is} to work on anything creative lately. So I've decided to FORCE myself to spend at *LEAST* one day a week down here, to try and stir up some fun!
I haven't updated my blog in a while and for the most part- it's been due to FABULOUS weather!! Somedays I don't even turn my computer ON!

Let's get our scrap on!!! - I am challenging you!
I want to see Sizzling Summer layouts!
I want to see some FABULOUS Fall layouts!

if you blog or have a gallery online somewhere, upload and share!!!
I need a boost! and who knows there could be benefits? ;)

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Sherri said...

I've been scrapping like crazy in September! I have tons of layouts on my blog. go look. But I'm feeling the scrap mood starting to leave but I got tons done so I'm happy.

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