Monday, November 17, 2008

just so you know...

I was *physically* away all day Saturday and then again on Sunday as well as part mentally away too ;) So needless to say, I didn't get around to my bella challenge. Today I just got home from the dentist and I got some new teeth!!!
long story short - when I was 9 I crashed while riding a bicycle and my face hit the sidewalk :( I left 1/2 of one tooth and 1/4 of the other on the sidewalk! I haven't had the chance to have them repaired since I was NINE! it's been a few years ;) So today I got some LONG awaited for new teeth! :D My lip is still partly frozen so the smiling looks awkward still...

Ally has dance tonight - not sure if I mentioned before that my daughter (who's 3) takes Irish Step Dancing. I want to get pictures of her SO badly, but my camera's zoom feature is toast :(

I'm hoping to bounce back into BELLA land this evening - maybe after I get the kiddo's to bed! :)
The red shirt is old teeth.

the green shirt is NEW TEETH! :D


{S} said...

You look fabulous!!

pat said...

Hope you feel better!!
And YES you are the one I gave the blog award to!


Ila said...

You look Gorgeous!! those are great looking new choppers!!..Hugs, Ila

Sherri said...

good for you on getting your teeth repaired after all these years.

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