Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Steve! :)

I know it's about 99.999% safe to post my hubby's bday card on my blog before I give it to him, and he won't see it. {that could be seen as sad, but if ya know me ~whatever!} LOL

he's older than me {snicker} not by much but still...

Cheers to Steve turning 34!

So I used it to my advantage that I made my hubby a Bella Card during my own Bella-A-Day challenge ....I feel a little behind, so here's another!


pat said...

Love your cards...
I don't have any fellas (yet) I think I'll place an order today!

Here's my card for your bella a day challenge.


Ila said...

Your Bella cards are Fabulous!! especially love the one for hubby's birthday!!...Hugs, Ila

Sherri said...

cute cards. those bella stamps are precious

{S} said...

very fun card! Love the Shadows!!

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