Sunday, December 14, 2008

still kickin' this is one HECK of a busy time of year! I am usually the one that starts buying gifts early'ish (mid November) and ends up spending WAY WAY WAY too much!! however, altho' I don't feel scroogey - I think I just have some sense in me this year and I haven't been buying everything that is "perfect for so and so"... However! My hubster on the other hand is mr. shopaholic this year. And you'd think that might bother me, but NOPE! I'm relieved to have so much already done and without having stepped foot into the MAN STORES.

I keep forgetting to get outsides and take a picture of our house lit up and I sure don't feel like doing it right now. So one of these evenings I'll remember, and when I do I'll share. It's nothing too elaborate, so don't hold your breath! ;)

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