Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Remember me?

...I don't even have a good excuse, just haven't been in me to blog.

I haven't been extremely creative lately, ok, who am *I* kidding??? I've just been lazy - ok there! I said it. L-A-Z-Y spells me!

been doing lots of this and that lately... including neglecting blogging.

picture tutorial to catch you up a bit?

-I picked up knitting again, and gave myself a new challenge to try socks on double pointed needles ~kinda fun this one is my first and WAY ginormous! more like a slipper sock, it'll probably lead a lonely life :P

-it's been snowing here .... a LOT! :( and the next 4 days there is MORE coming.

-another 'great' ideaR, I bought 3 wool sweaters to make into reusable bags.
they're mostly sewn but I want to embellish them and haven't gotten to that part yet.

here area couple of cards I've made since the last time I posted -


{S} said...

well Dang Chick! it's only been... 5 weeks!! I know you haven't been lazy! LOL!! I hadn't seen the gate cards yet, it's CUTE!!

{S} said...

no, make That 6 weeks!! geez!!

Laurie said...

WOO HOO!!! so glad you're back, I missed ya!!

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