Wednesday, April 1, 2009


so these are some of the things that have consumed me as of lately...

~housekeeping! ugh... I'm not THRiLLeD in the least about it, but I feel SO much happier {inside} to walk into a room and feel that my chances of tripping on something are lessed by a durastic percent! not to mention stepping on and breaking things {ahem ~toys!}

~LaunDRy ...another bleh! but man is it SO nice to see the floors of our bedrooms and the laundry room!

~HomeWoRK! the inevitable and I know it's only going to be worse in the coming years. My recent routine is to get it out and DONE as soon as Daws gets home. At first I was being "nice" and letting him have a snack and some tv first but it wasn't getting done, so then I thought to myself WHO AM i KiDDiNg??? I am not NICE! {snicker} *I* don't get a break so why should he? it's been a good thing .... so far.

I know there are WAY more things for this list, but I'm drawing a blank.

it's a rainy day... my creative juices are flowing. not sure where to begin tho. hmm...

I've totally failed at my picture a day project - but I'm still TOTALLY enjoying my camera when I can and that's cool with me :)

hmmm... what else, what else... uh... the neighbours still have their Christmas lights up {giggle}
tomorrow is suppose to be high of 15 degrees C and SUNNY!

Steve saved all of my pics onto disks last night b/c *I* was worm-worried {rolling eyes}

k, well... til later ;) have a great day!

ps. if you want to see any of my photographs check them out on FLICKR. <--click for direct link


VexedAngel said...

? worm???

I need to catch up our laundry. The house isn't too bad yet, but laundry... eeeeeeee...

And my scraproom has overflowed into the dining room, and there's not even any room there!

{S} said...

you suck!!! :~P

off to do laundry...

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