Monday, July 13, 2009

but I WANT it!

I'm behind on pictures :( been busy. This is one of the flowers from the RBG

Yesterday I went outside to talk to Steve who was working on his bike in the garage - it's broke. And that means he *needs* the car :( {sigh}

~anyway, so I was looking around and came to the relization that he seriously isn't bothered by living in a mess. It is driving me NUTS - and it's just everyday STUFF! toys, papers, shoes, clothes, STUFF! I'm at my wits end. I've screamed, I've begged, I've cried, I've pleaded... for HELP! and nobody hears me. It's sad. I get to the point of just sucking it up and doing it! I clean and tidy and organize, and all the while I'm working on one room the kids are destroying another. While I was standing in the doorway of the garage - I looked around and thought no wonder the kids are this way! So I started picking stuff up and putting it out of the way then moved this, moved that - it didn't take long for him to start helping and you'll NEVER guess what we found!!! ~FLOOR SPACE~ can you believe it? there's *ACTUALLY* enough room for the car to be parked IN the garage if we wanted to. {rolls eyes} seriously.
I think after cleaning up for him I deserve this! it *IS* on sale at my LSS ;)

So the kids are away for 3 days of VBS at our church - I have 6 hours straight 3 days in a row to do pretty much WHATEVER *I* WANT! no whiners! WAHOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Of course I'm not even dressed yet ;) LOL there are some things I *WANT* to do and other things that I *NEED* to do... I'm thinking 1 day of wants and 2 days of needs? ~waybe? {fyi: "waybe" is the way my dd says "Maybe" and it's contagious} ;)

I have come to the relization that having my house in order is ZEN for me.
I just need to get it to STAY that way!

....hmmm, what else? oh it's my momma's birthday today! :) Happy Bday mom.


:::b r a n d i::: said...

Ah, happy birthday to your momma!!

{S} said...

happy birthday Linda!

I have a suggestion. Buy the family robes to wear after you throw their clothes and EVERYTHING else out, except your creative stuff. Then you'll live in peace happily ever after.

Theodore M. Bear said...

Okay 1) LOVE your comment Shannon! Fantastic idea! :-) 2) I could not relate more to your post - sigh..seems there are the worker/cleaner bees and then the rest of the household!

VexedAngel said...

Happy b-day Jen's Mom!

Jen, I have come to that realization, too--I did FlyLady a few years ago, and it really changed how I kept house--I am a messy girl by nature, but I have gotten good at paring down my clutter, which makes cleaning up way easier. I am reaping the rewards now, as it is HORRIBLE cleaning out that art room at work, but I am so ruthless about things that it is making it easier to toss and move on and organize what is left. Since we moved in the house, I figured out that having my countertops free of appliances, and big open spaces in the house and on the walls is what will make me happy--and you know what, it's kind of like my scrappy pages! LOL White space on the page & white space at home! LOL

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