Wednesday, July 15, 2009

pictures to follow...

So I'm lacking BIG TIME on the photography front {gulp!} But today I hope to get a little caught up... *note to self -must BRING camera with me! ;)

Anyway - want to say thanks to Ann Marie, I am trying Fly Lady!! Shined up my sink yesterday and got dressed to my shoes today! :) LOL We have lived in our house now for 2 full years + a few days or a month or something... and I FINALLY decided on a paint colour!!! I'm SO happy!!

Steve took the day off work today - he's right beside me figuring out the measurements of the room so we can get the right amount of paint. The only room in our house that is done so far is the basement - we chose avacado green and since we were painting over {gag} panelling -have I mentioned we have/had 4 different panellings in our basement?!?! that is INSANE! anyway, so we needed a tinted primer and we bought WAY too much paint.. needless to say Dawson better also want a green room ;) I think I'll get it lightened up a bit tho. where was i? Livingroom paint - the colour I picked is called "Golden Pond" and altho it sounds YELLOW - it's not. It's actually kinda just a tan colour... and if THAT wasn't exciting enough news...I also found a couch that I want too!!! I'm hoping to go see it and sit on it, y'know to make sure it's what I want!! :D

so... ya - guess that's all my ramblings for now ;)

I tried crocheting fabric last night - was thinking of hot pads for putting hot dishes on or something - but I hated it, so I threw it out :P

hopefully you'll see some PAINTING progress soon!!!!!!!!! {fingers crossed!!}


{S} said...

you are living it up! have fun!

VexedAngel said...

Oooh, painting! I'm so glad to be done, but picking colors is fun. OK, stressful in the short term, but fun overall. :-) And I LOVE my colors. My Mom keeps asking me, sick of the teal yet? But nope! Not a bit! LOL

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