Saturday, August 1, 2009

it's Official!

the home renovations have *FINALLY* begun!!Free Smiley Courtesy of our livingroom exterior walls are all torn back to the studs - we're putting in new "stuffing" aka insulation. And then new drywall and then I can PAINT! :D I'm really excited!!Free Smiley Courtesy of We'll be redoing the floor ~after all the gyprock scratched it up we'll have to probably rent a sander and do it that way. I think everyone inhaled a chest full of dust! it was nearly impossible not to. The wrecking crew including Steve & I, my dad, Steve's parents and my uncle Homer it was done in 6 hours. Seems amazing! Steve's dad also got my outside porch light up *you have NO ideaR how happy that made me!!!!! I'll have to take a pic for sure I can't express how much I HATED the ancient one that the lightbulb hung out of -our house SCREAMED red necks live here. Free Smiley Courtesy of

Steve wants to do some moreFree Smiley Courtesy of wiring before we start stuffing the walls and completing the process ...hope he knows what he's doing! ;)

Anyway... I've been taking pics - and I will share but I'm D.O.N.E! no idea how my eyes are still open...Free Smiley Courtesy of Night!!


{S} said...

sorry i missed you! i was cooking. what else is new!?
I'm so happy for you that things are finally moving along. I know how much you have wanted things done. it's happening! yay! I'm not waiting to see the pics so you better have them ready to show me soon! :~P

VexedAngel said...

Oh, wow, congrats! I love you little smilies, too! :-)

:::b r a n d i::: said...

Home improvement is super fun! Can't wait to see the pictures!

Molly said...

I hope everything goes super fast and amazingly well - no hitches at all! Can't wait to see the finished work though do show us the "before" pictures too! :-) (((HUGS))))

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