Thursday, August 6, 2009

a bit of catching up...

ok - I have big hopes to get some pics up on here today but as I was just about to upload I relized I need to get them off my camera and onto the computer! {I'll do that in a bit}

today's highlight: Dog kept me up ALL NIGHT! I was NOT a happypants this morning. I wonder if she knew she was going for needles today? I ususally have a bit of empathy for her, however NOT today! I almost want to tell them give her extras! :P {j/k} wonder what on earth kept her up all night - it was EXTREMELY annoying! I'm exhausted today. I just tidied more than 1/2 of the kids room. I keep threatening them with throwing their stuff in the trash if they don't keep it tidy. They're in for an awakening. I just have to wait til they aren't here to scream at me as bags and bags go OUT the door! I'll do it in stages and I betchya they don't even notice.

k... my coffee cup is empty. So I'll go grab my camera while I'm refueling! ;)

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Molly said...

Teehee! Love the happypants comment! Gotta remember that one! I hope you're day is already looking up or at the very least your coffee cup has been refilled! ((HUGS))

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