Thursday, August 20, 2009

a little off course

not sure how or why - just lifes curve balls I guess!

I have slight order in my otherwise chaotic house - I've not been at the computer much at all. Still can't find my battery charger ~ therefore not been taking pics.

Our car is in for repair -generally dh does ALL the work on our car, however when he was looking up the part online - he came across that the part is under warrenty with Ford. So guess what?! THEY are fixing it! woo hoo!! I think I'm mostly happy about it, b/c it's one less thing he has to spend time doing.

I'm tried today - I didn't sleep great last night. I even went to bed and was asleep before 10pm.
Got up at 7:20am and dh was cooking a Saturday morning breakfast!!! {it's Thursday!} We feasted - sausage, homefries, eggs & toast - I feel greasy just *thinking* about it. LOL

I've been working on knitting a sock since Christmas - {pretty much self taught -aka trial and error -- LOTS of errors!} I asked my mom to help at the "turning of the heel" so she took the project did the work and handed it back to me - not exacly *MY* idea of learning how. {grin}
There were just WAY too many errors so I ended up pulling it ALL OUT! I found some new instructions online have started another sock ;)

I'm off to the dentist not sure what else I'll get up to today -- looks like rain.


:::b r a n d i::: said...

That breakfast sounds yummmmmmmmmy.

Chantal said...

I'm a SU! demo also - I have a great kniting pattern for socks that you knit on 2 needles instead of 4 (I just can't get the hang of 4 needles!) Let me know if you are interested and I can email it to you!

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