Monday, August 17, 2009

still alive!

in case you were worried that they put me into a wall ;)

We've just been SO busy I'm spinning!! Since I wrote last:

  • worked on taping and mudding {including sanding and more mudding!}
  • went away for a weekend to my inlaws to take care of their farm while they were away
  • took the kiddo's to Marineland
  • prepped for and taught 'card skool'
  • had to revive the pool from greenville
  • went to my mom's for a mini-retreat {we watched a chick flick and totally vegged out}
  • went shopping in Buffalo - and ate at the Olive Garden!! :D

Today Steve took off so we could make some headway on the reno's again - we're waiting to hear from the window guy. We took down the livingroom side of the wall that meets the *current* dining room that we're planning to turn into the *NEW* kitchen. I don't mind all the reno's I think it's fun - but of course I also can't wait to see it all finished! ;)

Sorry no pics ~ :( I {GASP!} have misplaced my charger!! and my battery is dead.

Hope you're having a great week! :D

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Molly said...

That all sounds wonderful doll! I'm so glad that you took a break from the remodel to have fun with the family!

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