Thursday, September 24, 2009

and so...

I feel much more liberated to just rant and ramble on about whatever I want - not that I never did before, but at least now I don't feel compelled to only share creative shtuff ;)

I've probably never mentioned I'm not much of a television watcher. I do surf the net a *LOT* and read and read and read crap online. ok, ok, it's not really crap ~ but man my eyes do burn when I'm done.

Not sure what's changed but I've been watching more tv lately. I am in lust with Hell's Kitchen, Biggest Loser, I also LOVE the first episodes of American Idol {snicker}, and I just saw a preview for Amazing Race - that's kinda fun too. I am forcing myself to watch Grey's Anatomy right now - and watched Mercy last night. I miss old shows... I miss ER, Friends, 90210, and all the OLD school sitcoms Three's company, The Cosby show, Growing Pains, Mad About You - sometimes it really SUCKS to grow up {sigh}

Today I picked up my new night gaurd. It's to help with my TMJ - I clench and grind my teeth.

Looking forward to picking up our new wheels tomorrow... Not looking forward to the new budget - budget-shmudget I say!

I think I'm going to make "popovers" for breakfast.

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{S} said...

very cool, be free! I knew that title was you. I missed "Ya, think?!"

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