Friday, September 25, 2009

it's *SO* BiG!

our new truck is biG! I was VERY nervous to drive it...
but I did and it is SO SAH-WEET!
After school we took the kids for a drive -they were excited at first, then Dawson claimed he was bored and Ally fell asleep. We've put all but 9 km's on 'er.

edited: I added the pics! ~in case that wasn't obvious!

I have pictures but they on the card, in the camera, upstairs and straight up I'm feeling lazy. We just gorged on pizza. I hate it when I go from a little hungry to STARVING and then I just gorge.
I regret it EVERY time... {you'd think I'd learn} ~rolling eyes...

I can hear Ally upstairs laughing her face off, sounds like Pearl escaped from her cage... don't worry Steve's there to take the beating ;) Pearl doesn't like anyone except for me, it's sad really. I wish she liked all of us, but the kids have teased her WAY too much.

I keep thinking of stuff I want to ramble about but then it escapes me :P


:::b r a n d i::: said...

Nice truck!

Is that your house in the background? Cute!

Yellow Dog Greetings said...

I will save my scary bird comments for another time and just leave you with this thought "smokin hot wheels!!!!"
Love the new truck...did you come up with a name for her yet?

{S} said...

holy crap! you bought a 2nd house!

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