Friday, September 25, 2009

what's your fav?

I've always found it odd to hear people use the word "candy bar". I've always only ever knew the chocolate treats as "chocolate bars". I'm not exactly a HUGE sweets fan, however I do *love* homemade cookies, ice-cream, chocolate bars (fruit & nut) and chips and dip. I try as I might not over indulge but sometimes I just can't hold myself back! I really like the Fruit and Nut bar that is made by Cadbury a very close second is the Caramilk bar.
THEN! I met TOBLERONE! and O.M.Gosh! it was like sin that melted in your mouth...
and you will NEVER believe what they added to it....

FRUIT AND NUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How could I resist!?!

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Yellow Dog Greetings said...

OMG Toblerone Fruit and Nut???
That has got to be good - I gotta get me one, or two, or three :)
Thanks for sharing, just what I need - another reason to buy chocolate!!

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