Saturday, September 26, 2009

WARNING: venting ahead...


ok, I get why people are 'allowed' to divorce -I admit I get pretty cranky with the hubster at times but it's usually when he drinks too much. But why oh why can't we divorce our children!?!

For the love of all things humane, my children have to be THEE most ungreatful creatures that roam. And to think that we {yes, WE} have allowed them to get this way leaves me in a funk. I need anger management - I know this. I keep putting off calling the dr. b/c it makes me feel like a freak - and let's face it, I don't need somebody to TELL me what I already know! {sigh}

I need to find my happy place and go there! Even as I am here now trying to release anger by typing I have kids yakking at me - I want to scream, cry, run away... and i can't.

It's times like this in the recent past that I would rely on retail therapy - and today there are a few things/places that have exciting stuff going on, but something HUGE stops me
~our new budget.

kids whining, crying, screaming... for the love of all things how do I make them STOP!?!?!

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Yellow Dog Greetings said...

Platonic cyber hug for you my friend
Only 6 sleeps til stampinpalooza, a totally kid free event :)
Ohhhhh and a friendly reminder, we offer anger management through my work, I can totally hook you up sistah :)

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