Monday, September 28, 2009

oh what to do, what to do

Not a problem or a care today! :)
The children are at school, the hubster {ahem, big spender} ;) is back to work, the laundry is going on, the dishwasher is on the dry cycle...
The only thing that would make me happier right now would be if the reno's were done! LOL
I even have wheels {BIG} wheels to go where ever I want. Only I'm just happy to be here at home in peace. Ally has dancing this evening so I do have to go out later...
For a long time I've used Mondays to get caught up on house tidying but you know what I did yesterday {snicker} I got the kids to empty all the garbage/recycling to the outside bins. I also got them to put their laundry away and tidy their room! go me!! :D So now today I feel guilt free to do ~WHATEVER *I* WANT! :D even if it's nothing at all!


Molly said...

Ahhh...that sounds like a wonderful way to spend a day - doing whatever YOU want! How refreshing! I LOVE the truck by the way and can see how it must be a bit intimidating to drive!! :-) I think you'll be used to it before you know it!

Liz said...

Sounds wonderful to just have a whole day to do whatever. I hoe you enjoyed it!

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