Tuesday, September 29, 2009

wow! who knew?

So far I've had the typical morning ...
then I asked Ally if she wanted to watch a movie in her room/bed, get this... I haven't seen or heard from her since! :D I gotta remember this! ;) LOL

She had a VERY busy Monday - including falling at school and bumping her head. I expect these sort of things to occur, and without a call to home, however when there is a goose egg on her head that *I* don't know about - and she tells me while I'm driving over the skyway bridge {see pic above} at a buck 20... (120km/h) I kinda panicked! I'll be having a little chit-chat with the teacher tomorrow. Even tho it was hours later we iced it up a bit and some of the swelling did go down but isn't that odd for it to be swelled for hours? iced or not? poor kid!

The hubster took the truck to work to "show it off" {eye rollage!} so Ally and I have the car and I don't feel so nervous to do errands ;) LOL
And I start babysitting a girl in Dawson's class afterschool :) So I want to bake them up some treats for snack.

today: -post office, Build a Bear {Ally has a coupon}, grocery store

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