Tuesday, September 29, 2009

it's Love-Hate

yup! that's what kinda night I'm having...

I'm LOVING that I decided that after supper I was taking the evening OFF! I told Steve he was responsible for cleaning up from supper, and putting the kids to BED. I attempted to sit on my butt and watch Hell's Kitchen - the kids literally jumped all over me {grrr...} but I did get the jist of the show. I hate it when shows leave you dangling. Part of the reason I prefer the CSI and other shows like it. You don't really have to see it every week to know what's going on. Biggest Loser is starting and I think I might call it a night - I'm HATING that I have been feeling this lingering 'head-cold' feeling. It's not full blown at all -thankfully! It has been hitting me around 7pm every evening since Friday - and just wipes me out. I'm thinking I'm needing serious R&R!

Babysitting went well! {really well!} and I even got our computer table cleared off!!! :)

I'm planning to go driving in my big-wheels tomorrow. I am hoping to get the new Monsters VS. Aliens movie for the kids.

k show time! :)

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