Friday, September 11, 2009

deal of the day

I got a giggle from looking back ;) you can see the 3rd pic of Dawson is from this week and my front door step looks the worse yet! :( With the renovations I can't have it all dressed up *yet* ;)

~Senior Kindergarten~ 2007

~Grade 1~ 2008
~Grade 2~ 2009
Welp! I have no idea why blogger is fighting me with this picture! but I tried and it keeps flipping it this way - so you're just going to have to turn your head! LOL Ally surprised me and wanted a "Strawberry Shortcake" birthday party. Do you have ANY idea how little strawberry shortcake stuff is available to purchase? I mean if I planned ahead I could have purchased online without a hitch - but I ASSumed I could easily buy the stuff here, I mean afterall we DO live in a city now! {sigh} I couldn't find anything - so I looked up ideas online and found a few people must have had the same struggle before me. So I 'stole' the hat idea for a cake. I have to add the ribbon yet, but it's DONE! and it turned out pretty cute I think! ;)

deal of the day: I found a travelling cake carrier for $12 !!!
I was delighted! :D

especially since it's Ally's birthday and her cake needs protection! ;) LOL


Molly said...

Okay...1) Waaaay too cool that you have that series of pictures!! My how he has grown! 2) LOVE Ally's cake - you are so very talented in a multitude of ways!!

Molly said...

Jen, your post on my 9-11 blog gave me goosebumps! To be pregnant with Dawson and go through that!! I was pregnant with Sarah when the Oklahoma City bombing took place and I thought the very same thing you did!

I LOVE the red on Fridays idea! And I will never, ever, ever forget the amazing kindness of the Canadians in letting all our planes land there. The people were so good to those poor passengers so far from home...dang it now I'm crying again!

Thank you so very, very much for your post Jen! I'm honored to have your two cents worth and I think it's worth a million dollars!!

VexedAngel said...

Adorable idea for the cake! And Dawson is definitely growing up!

Sherri said...

what a cool cake!!
your door looks great

{S} said...

what an awesome look back in time! wow!
Hey do you make wedding cakes?


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