Wednesday, September 9, 2009


'Bout time I got around to this! I'm still living in chaos - it's just CRAZY around here.
however, I'm 'stealing' a moment to update when I should be making and eating lunch while making the grocery list...

Here's my first official COMPLETE sock!!! with ZERO mistakes! I am beyond proud ;) I've already begun knitting the matching one - I read somewhere that you should start the second one right away so you have similar tension and so you don't put it off ;)

The next few pics are from the Sand Hill Park. We took the kids and they ~LOVED~ it! It's seriouly an ESCARPMENT of sand! I plunked an arrow so you can see where Steve and Dawson are in the one pic. They climbed up the steep side and then came down the other side. Ally and I took the more easier path {pic directly below} however I should have taken more pics as this is the only "easy" part. I had to hold her hand and the sand was HOT! (we had sandals on but sand gets into sandals) ;) go figure!

the boys are the "dots" in the middle of the hill
You can just barely see Steve
These wind turbines just BLOW MY MIND! they are ginormous!


Sherri said...

very cool on the completed sock!

{S} said...

congrats! how's the mate going?

cool post, I like the photos and I have wind turbine pics too from a few years ago, I was amazed by them. LOL! I didn't get that close though, mine are from our moving car. LOL!

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