Wednesday, October 14, 2009

clean up...

I'm fighting with every ounce of my being today NOT to give in to the lingering 'feel like crap' feeling. Last night {since Steve was home} we ate early. Totally finished supper and cleanup by 5:30! So everyone had plenty of time to play, work whatever... I started cleaning the bathroom {insert GAG!} GROSS!!! I hate and I mean HATE cleaning the bathroom. It's just SO disgusting... I think everyone should just clean it after they use it - whether it's toilet, sink, shower - so all I have to do is the floor and mirror. ;) would that be too much to ask?

Today I am cleaning the basement - ok, make that trying to clean the basement. I think I should have pretty good success... so far I have the stairs/side entry done, the furnace room done, the vacuum fell on my head :( and I've started the den area. Pretty good dent. I'm anxious to have the furniture flipped around but I needed to take a break. And I have to flip the wash. I think I'll cheat and skip baking for the kids - I made cupcakes yesterday and I think it won't hurt for them to have that again today ;)

Once I get the scrap-crap all sorted I am going to start having an open invite day to come and use my stuff for a small fee day. I just want everything organized first! I also want to get my sewing hat back on b/c there are a TON of ideas floating in my head - including some window coverings for the basement. I just want to make some quilted valences - more for accents not to block light out... so I'm unsure about it just yet. I'm REALLY enjoying how much brighter it is in here!! :D

I'm making a leftovers- "shepherd's chicken pie" sorta thing for supper - :) hope it turns out!

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