Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Looking out my dungeon, er, I mean basement window - I really shouldn't complain~ we have kickass new windows that really brighten it up down here... I wish we had this tree on *OUR* lawn. We might as well since the wind is blowing all the leaves onto it anyway. Our tree is ugly and {imo} messy and spindly! It's branches intertwine with the electrical wires. I wish they'd come and take'er away! I'd LOVE to plant a Maple Tree! :D

Here's the dress I've been a slave to lately. I really LOVE the way it's coming along - but don't be fooled - it's not been easy! ;) I'm going to put a black turtleneck on her under the dress along with black tights and white gloves. She has the Minnie Ears that we got at the Disney store. I can't wait to see her all jazzed up! :)

I've yet to decide if/what I'm going to dress up as. I might just skip out this year :(
Dawson has been home with a flu bug Monday, Tuesday as a precautionary today was ready to return and then barfed! So I called the dr. and they said he needs to stay home the rest of the week... I think I need sanity in a bottle ~ surely I deserve it! :P Steve is booking next week OFF woot woot! I pray there is progress on this mess of a house - he has done ~NOTHING~ and I just know that the likelihood of a kitchen finished by Christmas is about as believable as flying pigs. {sigh} need to remind myself of my favorite motto: *could be worse* ;)

Have a blessed day!

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