Tuesday, October 6, 2009

this is unheard of

THREE posts in ONE day??!?! I know what you're thinking... and no aliens have NOT taken me away {altho' some days I do wish they would!} not today... but I wanted to share the rest of the set. I haven't put anything on the inside designer paper and I'm not sure if/what I want to.


:::b r a n d i::: said...

So gorgeous!!

Yellow Dog Greetings said...

Love it Jen!!
I think this is something you should demo at an upcoming class!!!
Hint..hint..hint :)
Brown and pink is one of my absolute fave colour combos!

{S} said...

whoa! seriously, who are you?!
some of your best cards ever here. I'm surprised because I associated that set with you from first sight, and you didn't have it or care to... Well! looks like you met your match, eh?!

Sharron Lynne said...

Jen, I love the colors you used and what you did with this set.

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