Thursday, October 8, 2009

3 to zero in 1

huh? yup, 3 posts to ZERO posts in 1 day! ;)

guess what today is? it's Thursday, what'dja think I was going to tell ya? {snicker} want random? I like the way some alphabet characters look better in lowercase than uppercase.
I think the alphabet looks better like this:
aBcDeFgHiJKLmnOPQrsTuvwxyz how's that for RANDOM!

I wii fitted today, for 42 minutes. I should commit myself, no not to the pysch ward {shut up!} I know you were thinking it! ;) LOL - but to how many minutes I wii fit each day - and maybe just MAYBE I'll see some results. Any other wii fitters reading this? Anyone have the Biggest Loser {Gillian or Bob? - does Bob even have a training, what's it called? it's not a 'game' so is it a video?} welcome to my world ;) anyway, what was I saying? oh ya, I wonder if I really want Gillian yelling at me in my own home - b/c you KNOW she will!

ok - sad life today. whatever, like yours is any better! YOU are the one reading this! LOL :P

Maybe I'll have something better to say / share later! ;)


:::b r a n d i::: said...

yOu cracK me uP.

VexedAngel said...

You're hilarious. :-) My day was good b/c Monday, I had a kid get overstimulated from the 'noise' of drum circle and lose it. Tuesday, a student started stripping and got drug out of big group. Wednesday, one girl hauled off and punched another girl for no reason... I was just glad we had NO CRAZINESS today! LOL

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