Friday, November 27, 2009

he really isn't *that* bad. husband. I think he's pretty great! :) I just relized that it might have seemed that I was bashing his gift buying ability ... but really it's odd how it seems the things that really stand out in my mind always seem to be the random. It is true, I have gotten a few pretty strange gifts from him, but I didn't mention that I also got my Engagement ring from him at Christmas too! And he knew that, that was a faux pas in my mind. But he tricked me GOOD! Not sure if you can open this picture up bigger by clicking it? it's our engagement story :)


VexedAngel said...

It doesn't click through for me, but then I'm in Safari, the most useless web browser known to man. :-/

TammyB said...

It's not opening for me either - using Firefox on Windows.

Laurie Brauer said...

me either :( and I really want to read it :)

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