Thursday, November 26, 2009

feels like I'm in a time warp

not sure what is going on with me these days - I have all this *desire* and ZERO ambition.

I've been addicted to the idea of quilting and using up my fabrics as of lately... I LOVE this blog -Crazy Mom Quilts the style is *SO* me! :) I really should attmept to finish this {see below} one that I started but more or less only so I don't have to feel guilty starting another! ;)
wow! 4 more hits and I'll have 13, 000 views on my blog! that's SO encouraging!! so *somebody* must be reading my rambles ~thank you!

Last night I had the urge to tidy up the basement. So I pulled furniture out vacuumed behind and under everything and did a little rearranging :) I can't wait to have our house put back together.

anyway... I think today is a resting day
Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends.

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