Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I am hopelessly addicted

I'm addicted to a love story about vampires and warewolves. How insane!

As if my life isn't already *busy* enough... now I've started READING! {GASP!} and if you know me, I mean (in my best shrek voice) REALLY REALLY, know me... you know this -
I mean I *can* read, I just don't. I swear I have a form of short attention span disorder. But I can hardly put the book down! I was late jumping on the Twilight train - waited til it was on the dish. I did however see New Moon in the theater the weekend it came out! :D and I needed MORE!!! so I went and bought the books the next day... I couldn't decide if I should just buy "Eclipse" the next in the series - but from what I have heard and been told, the books are quite different, more detailed etc. than the movie and so then I thought maybe I should start reading the series from the beginning - thought I'd be saving a buck or two in the long run so I bought the series. It'll be my Christmas present ;) I never seem to get anything 'good' from Steve anymore so might as well right? not to go on a bashing rant but last year I got a pair of utility scissors, a hammer and a thermos - he really thought long and hard on those gifts eh? {insert eye roll!}
ANYWAY - so that's why I haven't been on here much :) Not to mention trying to keep the house up and cooking/baking tis the season! --for calories! ;)


Laurie said...

such good reading!! I'm team EDWARD all the way!! :)

Liz said...

After you read Twilight you need to read Midnight Sun. The author rewrote Twilight from Edward's perspective. Somehow it got released on the interent without her permission so she isn't working on it any more, but she's put the manuscript up on her site for people to read. It is quite interesting!

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