Friday, January 8, 2010

happy FRiDaY!

I suppose you don't figure there'd be any reason for a stay at home mom to be excited for a friday and seriously neither do I. In fact I should be more happy on Saturday or Sunday - when my hubster is home and I don't have to get up and jumble kids out the door for school. But for some wacky reason beyond my knowledge, I've ALWaYS been a friday kinda gal!

I spent majority of yesterday in the kitchen, I SO CANNOT WAIT for my new kitchen - you'll have to PEEL me out of there! ;) I made pineapple chicken, prepped chicken stock for pot pie (Saturday) and made apple and lemon meringue pies. when i'm in the mood I love to cook/bake :) I do need a new mixer tho'.... I burnt mine right out baking for Christmas LOL -literally it was SMOKING! LOL I'm holding out for a kitchen aide... however yesterday I think my arm would have broke right off mixing meringue so I went and bought a $7 cheapie to hold me over ;)

I have GOBS of crap to do but feel like lazing on a couch and doing nothing today... oh ya, speaking of couch, sorta forgot to mention we finally broke down and bought a couch last week, it's being delivered this coming wednesday.

Pearl is HILARIOUS latey - her latest vocab is:
"Heidi, GET DOWN!"
"can ya bark?"
the funniest is - "Heidi, co'mere, can ya bark?" (dog barks) Pearl resumes "Good Girl"

I wish I could get it on video it's really funny - but you never know when it's going to happen...

Happy Friday!! :)

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