Thursday, January 7, 2010


Slow as it is, it is progress... I have ~FINALLY~ uploaded my pics since before Christmas. I didn't take near as many this year. hooking - here are my 2 attempts (with improper backings) well the monk's cloth I *thought* was the right stuff but I sure don't like it!
looks distorted but it's not in person. I didnt' have it laid out flat for the picture.
{it's suppose to be a house -with 2 trees behind it}

this is rather obvious at this point I hope! :P LOL I am going to keep at it wrong supplies or not- since why not? it *is* practice. and my hook - ya that's probably a faux pas too... but I wasn't paying $6-35 for a freaking HOOK! dh helped me make one for $1.25 and it works GREAT! :D

I've been in the kitchen all morning so far... I have an apple pie cooling, a shell waiting for lemon filling- I have a chicken thawed and ready to be cut up for pineapple chicken for supper. {I need to get a few groceries before I can go any farther} I'm going to prep the stock for pot pie on Saturday and I'm making meat balls for tomorrow. I also plan to make some M&M cookies this afternoon.

not up to much else :)

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