Sunday, January 10, 2010

upta nuttin' really

we did stuff this weekend ... but nothing of any great significance. Overall it was a REALLY good weekend. I think it has to do with being productive! ;) I got a bag of toys, outta here, a bag of shoes, outta here and a bag of garbage OUTTA HERE! :D and I got some tidying and vacuuming done - it needs it again - but when you live with a long haired beast and 2 dust monkeys (not to mention 2 kids and a husband!)

I guess that's what should be expected! :)
C'est la vie! wonder what this week will bring...

I know on wednesday it's bringing a new couch! and I'm VERY excited...

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Laurie said...

I think I could spend my days decluttering and cleaning and the job would never be done! LOVE that new couch!!

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