Saturday, May 22, 2010

dumb day

today turned into a dumb day... mostly wasted. I found some reddish looking spots on ds's neck and face - wasn't really concerned, since he didn't even know the were there, but thought I'd better make sure it really was "nothing" {being a responsible parent and all} ;)
waited over 2 hours for telehealth to call me back, then had them tell me I had to take him to the ER -uh.. no WAY was *I* sitting all day/night in the ER -for a NON emergency. So our on-call dr. called us and we zipped to our clinic to find out that I was exactly right - the same thing happens to hubby. After a forceful vomit episode, capilaries seem to break and leave these spots.

By the time this was all overwith and we were back home it was after 2pm and time for a late lunch.

Went over to help some friends with some scrapbooking stuff for a while and now I'm just tired right out. {sigh} so long for day 1...

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Just 'T' said...

Thankfully it turned out to be nothing.I hear on on hospital's ridiculous how long some of the waits are. We only go when we know it's REALLY needed.

Have a super wonderful evening Jen :)

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