Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Long Weekend = SHORT WEEK! :D

yah for short weeks!! this past weekend {May 24th} Victoria day weekend - at some point in the past we celebrated the Queen's bday - then the concept sorta turned to drinking beer and since it comes in a case of 24 it's been dubbed May 2-4 weekend... and that also means only 1 month til SUMMER!!!!!!!!!! yipppie... no further reason necessary for celebrating!

We had bbq burgers and fireworks and totally enjoyed a great weekend.

However, I'm totally tired! ;) I am thinking of getting into the garden soon...

I also have a card {2 sort of} on the go, but that'll have to wait for my next "A-HA!" moment.

hope the sun is shining whever you are :)

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Sassette said...

Sun is shining and the day is GREAT!
Glad you had a great long weekend...I, too am excited that it is only one month until summer!

Can't wait until you get your next A-Huh moment:)LOL

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