Tuesday, May 11, 2010

it's ~lazy~ week at my house

lazy week means I plan to do the minimalist amount of anything necessary. {sigh}

didn't have the best mother's day - but I am blessed with 2 healthy children who love me in their own peculiar ways ;) and a husband/daddy that dotes on them hand and foot. what more could I want? ;) I took pics of the strange day I had and plan to scrapbook it so they can see it from my perspective. dh spent the ENTIRE day prepping and putting up a basketball hoop/net for the kids... this involved sending me to the store for paint which he didnt' specify, so I got spray paint :P {hey, it was cheap!} then ds wanted to have a red square painted on it, so we got a red one and a white one. I happened to see a wilton x-large cookie sheet on sale for $4.99 reg. $12.99 hello... THAT's a deal! and I was ALL over it. :D ds complained at me to HURRY UP! can you believe it? bugger...
the short version of my story is that they spent the ENTIRE day outside putting up this basketball net/hoop and I went about the usual -cleaning/laundry/coooking etc. I wasn't exactly thrilled...

dh was up and had EVERYTHING done!
you cannot possible understand what this meant to me.
~i DO have a wonderful hubby~
{who i'm almost possitive does NOT read my blog - but probably should!}


Sassette said...

Jen, you know, sometimes men just don't think right! I do hope that you get some stuff done for you this week and that you will feel much better about things at week's end. You deserve some creating time!

Laurie (Wally) said...

Yeah.... so glad that you got the sleep in.. Husbands surprise us... don't they...
enjoy your day

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