Friday, May 14, 2010

roller coaster

you know that feeling when you get on or off of a coaster ride that you want to vomit? yup! that's how I feel today... not sure why, but it SUCKS!

I'm so proud to tell you all that my son participated {mainly b/c we told him, that he kinda *HAD TO*} in the cross county event... he's not exactly a runner ~he sorta hates it! ;) {grin} but he did it!!!! and he didn't come in last place LOL

We had the most beautiful weather, and day together - it was AWESOME! :D

Steve and I even TALKED! it was amazing! ~we don't talk much.

so I'm about to scramble out the door to the LSS to see if there are any garage sale goodies that I *think* that I can't live without, while dh and the kiddo's bbq our supper :)

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Sassette said...

Well Jen...nope can't say I know the roller coaster feeling....but I do hope you get to feeling better soon!

I am so glad that you had a good day with the family! Good stuff!

Wonder if you will find anything you need...don't forget, we want details!! I got me some good bargains at the sale....not sure how much I needed them, but I GOT them anyways! Will update my blog with my new stuff soon!

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