Tuesday, June 15, 2010

MarineLand recap

Yesterday we spent the ENTIRE day at Marineland - open til close. Today... *I* am dead tired.
The kids both being the in primary grades had their trip on the same day. I'm unsure if that works to our advantage or not - All 4 of us went.... I rode on the bus with Dawson's class, Steve didn't get on the volunteer list so he drove seperately {thankGOODNESS!}

Highlights: ( - or + ) {letter's in these brackets are in lieu of the kid's names}

  • (+) our teacher was/is BEYOND organized - I want to hire her to organize my house, my children, my husband -MY LIFE!

  • (-) being told by a girl in my group that she {A} "FELL" into the dolphin pool last time she was there. {if you have ever BEEN to Marineland, you KNOW this is IMPOSSIBLE!} I totally called her on it {ya, I'm mean like that!}

  • (-) another girl {K} ran away from the group not once but TWICE {she landed in the teachers group whom, she also took off again TWICE from}

  • (-) dolphin girl {A} whom also told me I needed to address her by her first and middle name HUH? kid, apparently you've never MET ME?! ~evil grin~ anyway, ya she told me that she woke up not feeling so well and her mom MADE her go on the trip anyway. ~seriously? dude! oh, and THEN we found out... "ya {A} doesn't like rides" oh, is that why she was ghostly all day?

  • (+) k, figured it was time for some pluses. ;) we got to hang out with friends all day and run and be free, we fed the bears 3 bags of mini marshmellows ~I could have watched them all day :)

  • (+) watched the baluga whales, the orca show -soaked, er, DRENCHED some people.

  • (+) got to stay after everyone else left on the bus for the last dolphin/seal lion show and drive home in near silence b/c my wonderful hubby drove the truck seperately! :D

All in all it was a FABULOUS day ~really~ without a few negatives you wouldn't appreciate all the good right? ;) they really were minor negatives. We had a great group of kids that I'm pretty sure had a blast! we upgraded our passes for $5 to go back all summer!! Our kids {LOVE} rides! This summer is going to be the summer of MaRiNeLanD :D

I only took the little camera, that the zoom feature isn't working on... so I'll edit and post pics at some point today, for now this chick needs more coffee! ;)


Laurie (Wally) said...

YEAH!!! So fun.. we love MarineLand as well.. sounds like even with the negatives it was a good day...

Sassette said...

Oh sounds like you had a great day! Little negatives aren't so bad, and to think you will get to keep going back all summer for a more quieter type day!

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