Saturday, June 12, 2010

all the nerve!

can you believe it ~ ds is away at his first cub camp adventure, and we didn't get a call in the night! {wooohooo!} :D

so this morning, I got up the A-miester slept in til 8am~ she slept in her brothy's bed {she misses him} I got up got her, her 1st breakfast, and then I went back to bed... I didn't get up until 11:30!!!! that's just insane.

Dh was puttering around and proceeds to tell me that he's working on the phone line. So what does that mean? it means I couldn't drink my coffee while at the computer as I do EVERYDAY. Couldn't distract myself with a phone call... I can deal with no hydro, no running water, even no toilet but no phone & internet??? WHAT WAS HE THINKING? no worries tho' he has it all fixed up now. He must have known his life was in potential danger... ;) {grin} I had to find a distraction while drinking coffee... so I stared out the window. We have STRANGE neighbours... Not the ones we know, but the "other ones" woah!

Oh! and AnnMarie - he said YES! {happy dancing} and S & T are 2 of a kind! ;)

today we're going to order up a new range! :D yah!!

suppose I should get dressed... Home DE{ath}POT employees aren't on my "it's ok to see my in my jammies" list ;)

have a rawkin' weekend! :D

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Sassette said...

Oh wonder you were going stir crazy today! Thanks for the fun shopping trip!!!! It was fun!!!
Glad to hear you are getting a new range!!!! Woo Hoooo!

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