Friday, June 11, 2010

what was i THiNKiNG???

man alive - it's a p.d day for the kids -and I requested dh also take a "PD" day. So of course he did... we started out with meeting my daddy for breakfast, then proceeded to Walmart. MY husband is NOT a shopper - he shops only a couple times a YEAR, and then complains when the prices aren't what he expects duh!!!! so today I thought we'd be in and out of Walmart in 20 mins. tops... 1/2 hour later, I did all I had to do, then stood near the front checkout for 10 mins. WAITING for him... MEN! LOL
...then on to Home DE{ath}POT I HATE HATE HATE going there with him, and even HATE MORE going with him and the kids! I ask for a short rope and a tall building EVERYTIME we go there, we saw a stainless steel range for $899 and it is 10% off all weekend I was getting UBER excited thinking -WOOO we're getting a new range - NOT.... who am I kidding of course he has to THINK about it, there was ONE in our price range - what exactly was there to *THINK* about??? :eyeroll: We went to look at sinks - yup those were sinks - and NOPE I am NOT giving in to letting him put a LAUNDRY sink in the kitchen - much to his dismay.

Home again, home again jiggity jig!


Sassette said...

Oh doesn't sound like a very good shopping trip!!!!! Will keep my fingers crossed that he thinks enough until he says YES!!!!

Anonymous said...

Re: the "thinking about it" Drives me CRAZY when T does that--we will go, we will look, debate, hem, haw, DECIDE?!? I think?!? And then no, not really, false alarm. Ack. :-P LOL

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