Sunday, July 25, 2010

family filled Sunday

The other day I was visiting my grandma when she mentioned taking the bus to church. Recently my grandma has had some symptoms that people show before having a stroke. It's been hot and humid and she really is part machine and just just doesn't know when to slow down! Anyway, I offered to give her a ride to church, even tho' it's not the church that my own family attends. My grandma goes to a catholic church - we go to a non-denominational Christian church. I was raised going to the same church that my grandma still goes to... ANYWAY! Never as a child did I ever relize how robotic everyone seems. Sit, Stand, recite, sit, kneel, stand, recite... it goes on and on... ANYWAY! {my blog remember} :P LOL so the priest was sitting on his magical velvet throne, and a lady was doing a reading at the microphone. I didn't notice that the priest had left his seat b/c *I* was entranced with following what the nice lady was saying in the cute little book they have in the pews so people like me can not feel so clueless... ;) ANYWAY, all of a sudden I could hear beeping... like a cell phone, I thought to myself -'wow! that seems rude' -but then remembered there were 2 little kids a few rows behind us and hoped maybe it was just one of their toys.
WHAT the heck??? it was the preist!!! he had gotten up went around the corner so we couldn't see him, and proceeded to make a cell phone call and didn't urn off his microphone!

SERIOUSLY!?!?!?! I was stunned.

I think people have more respect at the movie theater - and of all people the PRIEST???

so I have a busy week I'm actually excited :) foot clinic, t'ball, kidless night, cards, shopping, baseball & more t'ball, chicks night out... ooh the excitement! LoL

have a great week - hopefully I'll have something interesting to blog about at some point this week!


Laurie said...

did he at least apologize??

{S} said...

Ha Ha Ha!!!

Sassette said...

Oh goodness, that is one place I wouldn't imagine cell phone conversations taking place, especially from the priest!!!!!

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